Augmented Reality for Interactive Advertising


Augmented Reality (AR) technology is one of the leading technologies that is bringing numerous digital transformations by significantly improving the operating processes of companies belonging to various industrial fields. The potential of this technology to digitize many processes has also increased the demand for its adoption by many businesses. If before the AR concept was directly related only to games, now this concept goes beyond games and entertainment by entering every industry with multiple perspectives to bring substantial benefits to the well-being of businesses. One area where this technology is being used recently is the digital advertising market. Through its power, AR is enabling a new form of communication through advertisers and customers. Many companies are finding support in this technology to convey certain messages in a more innovative way to customers and making this connection with them more interactive.

In recent years, based on various statistics, the advertising market is booming due to the fact that every business has realized its importance, as one of the key points to convey the desired messages to target customers. At the same time, this advertising market tops the list for expenses incurred. The introduction of AR technology in this market can be said to be in its infancy but this does not mean that its adoption by many marketers will not increase, on the contrary, a massive increase in advertising through AR ads is predicted.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why AR ads are being seen as the future of the digital advertising market: 

Boosting Sales

AR advertising is offering new opportunities to promote products and services. Through virtual try-on enabled by AR technology, customers are now closer to the product, discovering every feature and characteristic of it. Now customers are able to virtually try out a range of products and choose the ones they like and customize it. This also increases sales for businesses, due to the fact that customers tend to push themselves faster towards the decision to carry out purchases. Customers are able through AR to virtually try a wide range of products including shoes, clothing, jewelry, watches, so this makes it possible to further increase sales and increase revenue for businesses of different fields.

Money-Saving Advertising

The traditional way of advertising requires high costs not only for printing but also for promotion in public places or well-known magazines or newspapers. Advertising through AR for skeptics may seem more expensive but in fact, it is quite the opposite. If we make a simple ROI calculation, it turns out that the adoption of this technology is quite cost-saving. This is due to the fact that traditional advertising requires frequent replacement, but the development and promotion through AR advertising are more attractive and long-term without the need for replacements but simply digital updates that can be performed. So many businesses promoting the products or services they offer through this technology are able to stay innovative in the market, gain new and loyal customers, and at the same time save costs that could have been spent on the advertising displayed in a magazine or billboard.

Emotional Connection

AR advertising also has a significant impact on the close relationship that businesses aim to achieve between the products and services they offer and their customers. Since AR ads are interactive they have the ability to convey to customers exactly the real shape of the products, thus creating a link between the customer and the product. By interacting with AR advertising, customers feel closer and more connected to the product, this pushes them towards the quick decision to make purchases. As mentioned above, businesses by offering this innovative way to promote products ensure and build the reputation of their brand in the market.  

AR advertising offers marketers a new and more effective opportunity to convey to their customers the message they want about the products they offer. In addition, to give them the opportunity to explore in detail the products, unlike traditional advertising only shown as printed somewhere. AR ads are extremely useful for businesses operating in different fields helping them to generate more revenue by attracting more customers. AR advertising thanks to its innovative nature arouses great interest in the products, this makes them an ideal means of interaction between consumers and the brand. Many businesses have realized the true potential of this technology and are investing heavily in AR as an effective tool that helps radically change the advertising industry by bringing quite unique advertising campaigns. 



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