Remote Support: How AR Keeps Your Business Running?

Linda Malecaj Article

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology that displays digital content on a user’s view of the real world. AR already has numerous marketing and operational applications for businesses in different fields. Day by day, the range of AR applications is growing and the use of it is set to increase rapidly. In different fields, for instance, experts through Remote Support …


Using Augmented Reality in Retail

Bengü Muradoğlu Article

Retail is a highly competitive sector where every business tries to get new customers and hold the existing ones as much as possible. Thanks to the rising technology and increase of communication channels, retailers can find newer and better ways to attract customers and go beyond the traditional. One of these ways is Augmented Reality (AR), and it is getting more and more popular each day. It is a relatively new technology and definitely beyond what we are used to, although it is already an attractive way used in retail marketing. Retailers use AR to give their customers better shopping experiences and aid them in their buying decisions by better, more intimate, and in-depth viewing of products.