Remote collaboration
with VSight Remote



VSight Remote is designed entirely for remote assistance operations.


Experts have the ability to highlight and draw on top of real world objects in a shared video.

Drawing in AR

On remote session, it is possible to draw and write notes on the live image in augmented reality in real time.


Scroll, zoom, draw on same document (.pdf, .png, .jpeg, .obf, . fbx) in realtime. Remote user sees everything from expert’s knowledge.

Screen Sharing

- Entire of the screen,
- A particular software screen (Autodesk, Catia, Solidworks, etc.), 
- Any web page on the PC or Mac, 
can be shared with smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses on the remote session.

Drawing in Freeze Mode

On remote session, it is possible to take
snapshots from the field devices and
simultaneously draw directions, shapes, lines, texts etc. on that image.

Adaptive Video Quality

Video quality is adjusted based on connection quality to adopt changes.

VSight Remote Live Demo Video

VSight Remote Admin Panel

From VSight Remote Admin Panel you can;

  • Create and manage users
  • Create new rooms for different purposes
  • Track your current or old sessions on same screen
  • Create QR code for easy login
  • Enjoy with its user-friendly interface

Supported Devices