Advanced features of VSight Remote

Much more than a simple video conferencing tool

VSight Remote is designed entirely for remote assistance operations

Drawing in AR

During the remote session, draw and annotate on live view in real-time with Augmented Reality.


Work on the same document at the same time. Scroll, zoom, draw in real-time any PDF, PNG, JPEG file formats.

Live annotations

Using AR mode, annotate real-time video and show specific areas with different annotation tools.

Screen sharing

Share your computer screen with field worker on smart glasses or mobile phones to show domain specific application on your computer.

Drawing in Freeze Mode

Freeze the field worker’s view with ultra-HD quality snapshots and annotate. Freehand drawing, shapes, live toolbox, texts are supported.

Adaptive video quality

Video resolution and quality are determined automatically depending on network quality so that users can continue working.

Active Directory Integration

VSight provides SSO (single sign-on) solutions for authenticating your employees, contractors, and partners (workforce) to VSight accounts. User management is being done in a corporate level.

Audio-only Mode

VSight users can continue their operations with the audio-only mode at low internet speeds. In case of low bandwidth, the audio-only mode is automatically activated and ensures the continuity of communication.

Instant Translation

Users who do not speak the same language can continue to collaborate on VSight. With instant translation, experts can translate their commands into other languages so they can easily communicate with field workers.


State of the art security

End-to-end encryption

Your media streams are never transmitted unencrypted on the open internet. It is the safest way to transmit and communicate online.

Secure media communication

All media traffic is encrypted no matter the endpoint you use (web, mobile or smart glasses). That means that you are safe when using VSight solution even if use it in an open public hotspot.

2FA for VSight Admin Panel

You can enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your VSight accounts. It is an effective and easy way to keep your users, customers, and your business safe.

Supported Platforms

VSight Remote Live Demo Video

Your team can do expertise anywhere, anytime with using Augmented Reality technology. VSight Remote enabled Smart Glasses help users to connect anywhere, remotely.

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