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How ar-remote support provides a healthy return on investment (ROI)?

How ar-remote support provides a healthy return on investment (ROI)?

Nowadays many businesses are using return on investment (ROI) as the key performance indicator to determine the profitability of an expenditure. The main purpose of every business is to measure success over time and to calculate return on investment that are extremely decisive points for their future. The calculation of ROI helps to understand if one investment is worth and how the business can be improved in order to achieve the highest profits.

Considering numerous benefits of AR-Remote Support, the implementation of it by many businesses have had a huge impact on the drastic improvement of their ROI. By connecting the real and digital world, Remote Support provides the right knowledge to field workers for different processes in maintenance, repairing and training, without considering where the location is. Remote collaboration supported by AR technology is changing the way field workers engage with contact centre experts in any industry. By connecting these two main actors on different operations, Augmented Reality gives businesses a chance to increase efficiency and reduce a lot of other costs.

AR-Remote Support now can be faced in just about every industry. For example, an Italian contact centre expert through Remote Support can join this virtual collaboration, and help the American field technician that is stuck on the repairing process of a machine. Sharing knowledge beyond borders is one of the main approaches that help businesses to reduce machine downtime, site-visits expenses and find at a real-time the fastest and most effective solution.

Most common cases are coming from field service and maintenance, where field technicians need to work hands-free and without distraction on checking manuals or guides how to perform their tasks. Remote Support provides instructions that help field service workers to get the right technical information, identify parts that need replacement, follow complex maintenance procedures and solve the occurred issues. Experts during remote collaboration help field workers to perform tasks more safely and quickly using up-to-date instructions delivered to their devices.

Businesses utilizing Remote Support are having real advantages on employees utilization, expenses reducing, machine downtime decreasing, efficiency increasing and guaranteed success. Businesses aim to engage experts and field workers for working on the same issue towards the same goal, considering this, many of different companies have embraced and adopted AR-Remote Support as a new way of working to achieve their goals and to stay competitive.

As we mentioned above, the benefits of AR-Remote Support have been always visible on technical support, employee utilization and safety, increasing productivity and improving accuracy. From all of these, we can easily understand the affirmation of the fact from many enterprises that they have seen a big impact of Remote Support and benefit from it on the growth of ROI.

So, how AR-Remote Support boosts your ROI?

Improved business processes;

AR-Remote Support allows your experts to interact with the virtual layers of your field workers’ view to discover more information, learn about the issue and see options on how to solve it fast and efficiently. For businesses, this remote collaboration of experts to technicians provides faster and more effective process completion time, which translates to return on investment (ROI) growth.

Greater equipment and system reliability;

Access standard operating and repair procedures directly from video call in real-time with experienced experts provide tasks complementation, issues solution and data needed to establish a competitive edge while enhancing workers engagement.

Improved safety and reduced risk;

Giving the field workers the right instructions at a real-time increase safety compliance and reduce exposure to incidents, human errors and breakdowns.

Improved opportunities for collaboration;

Many projects require a great deal of collaboration. Achieving a successful collaboration that ensures completion of a project on time means team efficiency increasing. Frequent and detailed site visits play a fundamental role in the effort to increase return on investment (ROI). With Remote Support, while avoiding site-visits, cut off travelling cost and save time.

Improved customer satisfaction;

Businesses aim to improve the customer experience, engagement or enhance sales conversions, to see the results on return on investment (ROI). Already the implementation of this new technology established a package with a variety of benefits. Recognizing these benefits, every customer is satisfied with the made purchase.

These can be considered for every business as worthwhile outcomes of Remote Support implementation, in order to increase return on investment (ROI). This investment decision for the implementation of Remote Support is simple but really effective. Additionally, from industrial manufacturers to the telecom and health sector, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their ROI. Sometimes it may be difficult to justify an investment, whether the main goal is time or cost reduction, or business process improvements. The use cases of AR-based Remote Support show that it can positively impact businesses, improve operations and ultimately cut costs. Many enterprises that adopted Remote Support seem to justify very well this investment and their ROI is uniquely growing, helping their business processes, workflows, and costs.

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