KAMA, the manufacturer of wood painting, grinding, sanding, and drying machines, helps clients worldwide with VSight Remote.


KAMA wants to enable their clients to bring instant help during machinery downtimes.


KAMA uses VSight Remote to collaborate with its customers who need help. KAMA’s clients connect to experts via Smart glasses, IOS-Android mobile phones or tablets, and the remote user gets help from the
expert’s knowledge.
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The Results

VSight Industrial Augmented Reality Platform with VSight Remote contributes to KAMA the following advantages:

  • Providing visual and audio communication and collaboration abilities
  • Offering the privilege of working with the customers remotely
  • Assisting to provide an innovative and customer-specific solution
  • Improving service quality and speed
  • Helping experts to monitor the ongoing process
  • Allowing to collaborate, scroll, zoom, and draw on the same document (pdf, png, jpeg, obf, fbx) in real time
  • Permitting to put live toolbars and live AR pointers into vision
  • Supporting to get high-resolution snapshots from the remote device and open for collaboration
  • Helping to share the expert’s knowledge easily

With VSight Remote, we improved our customer satisfaction by increasing the quality and speed of our service.
– General Manager of KAMA