Test Monitoring and Inspection

Automotive Technologies Research & Development Company (OTAM)

One of the largest automotive test centers in Europe is seeing benefits from our solution.


Automotive companies aim to monitor and interfere with the testing process that OTAM does but coming to the facility leads to create a loss of time and cost for companies’ representatives from different locations.


With VSight Remote, OTAM’s customers can connect to the tester's smart glasses or smartphone and monitor remotely all processes, such as testing, control, and inspection via the internet without losing time and having extra cost during site visits.
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The Results

VSight Industrial Augmented Reality Platform with VSight Remote contributes to OTAM the following advantages:

  • Providing to OTAM visual and audio communication and collaboration abilities
  • Offering the privilege of working with the manufacturers remotely
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the automotive sector in the global market
  • Enabling the automotive companies to work in coordination with OTAM’s R&D teams and reflect instantaneously
  • Improving coordinated participation in all operations by contacting directly to the OTAM’s test authority
  • Allowing more than one authorized OTAM’s user to connect the live test process at the same time
  • Helping OTAM’s field experts to monitor the ongoing process
  • Permitting OTAM’s field experts to share screen, diagram, drawing, PDF, and 3D-model

With remote collaboration capabilities, we improved field productivity and customer satisfaction. The result is there from day one.
– General Manager of OTAM,
Ekrem Ozcan