AR Remote Support, keeping people connected during COVID-19

Linda Malecaj Article

It is quite clear that now the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to a health and humanitarian crisis, has brought as well a quite challenging era for businesses operating in various fields. Companies are facing serious consequences that this pandemic has caused, in most cases even bankruptcy. Every day, company executives face the challenge of finding a balance for the operation …

AR Remote Assistance

The COVID-19 field service challenge: ensuring business continuity with AR- Remote Assistance

Linda Malecaj Article

Nowadays, the COVID-19 outbreak, in addition to its terrible cost in human life, is creating lots of challenges for the continuity of all businesses around the world. The current pandemic situation is incurring for businesses direct costs that are mostly related to the losses of output caused by reductions in productivity or in the available workforce. Already this new reality …

VSight Remote: AR Feature Benefits during Covid-19

Beng├╝ Murado─člu Article

In the new age we live in, technology is continuously developing, and we have difficulty in keeping up with it. We face new challenges every day in our daily and business life, and we need new solutions for these challenges. Companies are trying to find more innovative solutions to stay competitive so they can remain productive. Digital transformation is nearly …