How AR is Making Factories Smarter

Linda Malecaj Article

Nowadays, the fourth industrial revolution is ignoring the boundaries between physics and digital, thus enabling a series of changes in all manufacturing industries by the opportunities it offers to manufacturers to increase their product lines. Augmented Reality (AR) is making an impact in the 4.0 industry and is being considered as one of the important keys of this revolution. This …

Industry 4.0 VSight Remote Collaboration

Adoption of Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0

Beng├╝ Murado─člu Article

Industry 4.0 is the popular term for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is still going on. The revolution is the automation and development of traditional industrial practices by using contemporary technology. The current trend in Industry 4.0 is becoming a ‘Smart Factory,’ which means using the latest smart technologies in all areas of the business. Some of these technologies are …

How AR is Influencing Industry 4.0

Vedat Omak Article

ThereÔÇÖs no denying the fact that we live in an age where information is the greatest enabler. Every facet of human life today is influenced by information technology in various forms. To reap the benefits of the modern technological marvels, industrial establishments to have embraced technology in its many forms. This amalgamation of information and data science with modern manufacturing …