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Using remote support platforms in telecom industry

Using remote support platforms in telecom industry

The telecom industry is a significant industry that enables communication on a global scale. This industry keeps the communication network of the whole world alive as the most critical industry in which sustainability is indispensable even for a short time. Though, ensuring continuity in the telecom industry companies is quite complex and includes wide-ranging operation processes. In these companies, there are many departments that need to work smoothly in accordance with the standards. In case of emergency, downtime in the telecom operations leads to serious consequences, whether the reason is maintenance, training, inspection, or audit. To make it possible to immediately intervene in all these operational issues, telecom industry companies have started to use AR-based remote support and assistance platforms integrated with smart glasses in recent years.

AR-based, smart glasses integrated remote support and assistance platforms work like knowledge-sharing platforms and enable experts to visually guide and collaborate with field workers in real-time and remotely. These remote collaborations can be for maintenance, repair, inspection, and training purposes and aim to shorten the operation process and increase profit ratios by eliminating accommodation and travel costs that expenditures on the expert’s arrival to the working area. Using these platforms, which significantly facilitate the processing of complex operational processes, have gained growing momentum in global business life in recent years. Companies in the telecom industry, like companies in many different sectors, have started to use these platforms and gain significant benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at how telecom companies use AR+ supported remote assistance platforms integrated on smart glasses and which benefits they gain.

As we mentioned above, telecom industry companies have wide-ranging operation processes. These companies include multiple departments that may be located far from each other, still need to work integrated perfectly together. It is quite important to keep all the operational processes of these remote locations under control, but traveling to the field for experts is often quite expensive and sometimes it can be even impossible. e.g: war, travel restrictions, etc. For the companies, traveling of experts across the operation fields means loss of time, loss of workforce, and money at the same time.

Once downtime occurs during an operation process in a company, lots of chained problems appear at the same time. The work to be completed cannot be completed on time, there is a delay in the work to be started. The workforce cannot be used wisely because field workers in the area become unable to do their jobs. Operation downtime affects the entire daily workflow. The time between defining the problem and solving it returns to the company as internal chaos. It is such a situation that it has been determined that downtime in companies can cause to loss of up to 20,000 Euros per minute. This rate is not given specifically for the telecom sector, but we would not be mistaken if we talk about the possibility of huge loss ratios in the telecom sector as well.

Remote support and assistance platforms allow companies in the telecom industry to control their operations in different regions in real-time, remotely, and instantly. Through these platforms, field workers and experts can work on the same purpose and collaborate with each other without coming side-by-side. Companies using these platforms can reach high-quality experts all around the world and have qualified field workers with fast and effective training. Smart glasses integration allows hands-free collaboration and guarantees work safety without affecting field workers’ usual performance. Another advantage of using a remote assistance platform is the recording feature. Thanks to the recording feature, you can record your sessions for future references. These recordings can be used by companies for maintenance, inspection, training, and audit purposes in the future. The recording feature ensures that your operations are documented properly which creates a more organized and high-efficiency working environment.

Downtimes in the telecom companies mostly affect not only the company that the downtime occurs but also the other segments of the society including different companies in different sectors. For a telecom company, using AR+ supported remote assistance platform means increasing operations success and decreasing downtimes. Telecom companies who use these platforms can easily detect and fix performance problems, complete device inspections, and prevent possible electrical failures. Since working on the right information prevents personnel mistakes, operational processes are minimized. All those create a highly secure and productive working environment while improving operational processes and enable companies to use their time effectively while increasing their profitability.

An organized and effective working environment means everything for companies that are constantly growing with new investments such as the telecom sector. Thus, while making new investments, they can ensure business continuity and increase the success of their operations by managing their budgets and savings correctly. For these companies; Investments in AR-supported remote assistance platforms are very low compared to the money that companies spend on solving operational problems. This is one of the reasons why companies in the telecom sector tend to get support from these platforms. They make huge profits with relatively small investments.

Companies working with VSight Remote, the leading platform in the remote support and assistance sector, complete their operations remotely and instantly thanks to the software designed to create maximum benefit for industrial areas. Through VSight Remote, it is possible to create different rooms for different purposes and assign certain users to the related rooms. This creates a highly efficient working environment specifically for the companies which have a large number of workers like telecom industry companies. Related operations are completed in the related rooms, so there is no confusion. During sessions, field workers and experts can collaborate with live video, real-time audio by adding documents, images, and even 3D models and 3D annotations. The translation feature supports more than 100 languages thus enabling cross-border operations. Experts and field workers all around the world can work together easily and remotely.

Considering everything we have mentioned above, it is a good step to invest in a platform with such attractive returns for companies in the telecom industry. You can gain great benefits from small investments. Companies that use AR+ supported remote assistance platforms reduce human error, downtimes, and costs while increasing productivity, safety, operation speed, and ensuring business continuity.

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