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VSight Remote Assistance Based on Monitoring Assembly Lines for Akyapak

Augmented Reality (AR) is already used in various areas in production engineering. Assistance systems for assembly processes and planning, assembly design and the maintenance of machine tools are some of the typical fields where this technology is applied.

VSight Remote with its presented ARtools that use, helps the technicians of AKYAPAK to get all process relevant information directly on site. Thus the interruption of different processes can be kept as short as possible. The visualization is done with streaming live videos and audio elements that link the contact center to the field where the work is being performed.

VSight Remote is used for skill transfer in addressing assembly and maintance of large machineries.

For more difficult issues, predefined instructions may not be sufficient due to the fact that the cause of the problem is not clear. In this case expert knowledge is necessary. VSight Remote support can solve this issue.
The maintenance expert from the contact center accomplishes technical support to a maintenance operator on-site. The expert has the ability to share files such as 3D objects, PDF, or image sharing that allows effective communication among users. VSight Remote has several elements for creating AR-based instructions (e.g.highlighting components or marking dangerous zones that help on reducing exposure to incidents, human errors and break downs).

VSight Remote provides real-time two-way audio and video capabilities, which allows annotations to be made and remain stable on the shared scene.

VSight Remote instantaneously helps to diagnose and solve issues, while costly expenses of moving skilled experts from site to site are being drastically reduced.

In maintenance and assembly tasks the technicians act mainly with hands. VSight Remote offers a high impact on helping technicians performing their tasks hands-free.

Your team can do expertise anywhere, anytime with using Augmented Reality technology. VSight Remote enabled Smart Glasses help users to connect anywhere, remotely.

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